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On Tuesday, May 7, I had the pleasure of doing my first ever joint event with none other than Erin Lowry, author of Broke Millennial and Broke Millennial Takes on Investing in my city of Toronto. I’ve known Erin for years, so when she reached out because she was gearing up for her book tour and wanted to come to Canada, I told her we needed to co-organize an event in Toronto!

From idea to event day, we put it all together in only two months. I know that may sound like plenty of time, but if you’re like me and have planned numerous events over the years (check out my past Millennial Money Meetups), then you know that two months is a big challenge. Not only do you have to secure a venue and sell tickets, but you also have to secure funding to make tickets actually affordable for people to buy.

Luckily, we were able to get TD Direct Investing to come on board as our exclusive sponsor and they were the perfect brand to work with. They were super hands off, and plus what’s not to love about a brand that’s a discount brokerage all about promoting DIY investing?

The next hurdle was securing the venue, but I remembered how awesome the event space was for my first ever Millennial Money Meetup and thankfully they had an open slot. The last thing we needed to do was spread the word and fill 100 seats, and somehow we did it!

Besides a fun photo booth, food, drinks, and networking, the main event was the panel discussion on leveling up your money through investing. Erin moderating the panel that included myself, Barry Choi from MoneyWeHave.com and TD Direct Investing Education Facilitator Diana Stoparic, we shared out insight into the most important things everyone needs to know when they are just getting started with investing.

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Watch The Full Video Panel Discussion

If you couldn’t attend, I’m including the full video of the panel discussion below for your viewing pleasure, but you can also watch it on my YouTube channel. Also check the teaser video to get a sense of what the whole event looked liked.

Listen On SoundCloud

If you’d rather listen than watch the entire panel discussion, you can listen to the SoundCloud player below, or subscribe to the Mo’ Money Podcast on iTunesSpotify or Stitcher.

Start Your Investing Journey Today

Want to get started with your investing journey? Okay, well first off, I highly recommend grabbing a copy of the following investing books that are my absolute favourite:

I also recommend you enroll in my Investing Foundations for Canadians course. It’s basically everything you need to know to understand all that investing jargon, know how to make your own investing plan, figure out how to save up enough to afford retirement, and of course actually start to invest.

Got any other questions about getting started with investing? Share them in the comments!

Check Out Photos from the Event

Want to see all the photos taken at the event? Check out the full photo library on Facebook.

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